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We will walk you through some of the software programs out there to help you become better streamers.


Building Blocks for a Live Stream

Elgato makes great products for Live Streamers.

  • StreamDeckXL
  • Elgato Keylight and Keylight Air
  • Camlink 4K

Mac Streaming Software


Ecamm Live - Broadcasting Software for Mac

Ecamm Live is really simple to use. Start playing around with it today.

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Frequently asked questions

Ecamm Live has a lot of great features. Here are some common questions that we see.


Broadcat to over 30+ platforms simultaneously



Multistream your broadcast in real time to 30+ platforms simultaneously.

  • Broadcast to 30+ platforms at once.
  • Engage a live audence in real time.
  • Track comments from multiple sources.


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