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We will walk you through some of the software programs out there to help you become better streamers.


Ecamm Live - Broadcasting Software for Mac

Ecamm Live is really simple to use. Start playing around with it today.

Inside Look

How does it work?

With Ecamm Live you are the producer and the star of your broadcast. Setup scenes, create overlays, bring in comments all live!


You can have multiple camera sources. DSLR, Webcam, iPhone, NDI..etc

Play Movies

Share a movie file live with your viewers. It will even broadcast the sound.

Share Screen

Share your screen or window. Choose the zoom level and give yourself a PiP.


Want to be transparent? One click checkmark and watch background disappear.

Facebook Setup with Ecamm Live

Connect your Facebook account so you can broadcast live using Ecamm Live

  • Make sure you choose the right setting.
  • Choose the correct location to broadcast
  • Are you streaming public, friends & family, or private?

Text Overlays

Create text overlays to give yourself a lower third. Put names on yourself or guests.

Picture in Picture

Create a Picture in Picture Effect when you are sharing a screen or playing a movie file

  • Must be sharing screen or playing movie.
  • If you have two camera sources you can use PiP


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