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Ecamm Live and Zoom Interviews

We've noticed that some users are migrating over to Zoom to conduct an interview rather than using skype. And we can totally see why when Skype takes a lot of resources on your computer to conduct that type of interview. The fans may start going to h...

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Ecamm Live goes version 3.5

So taking a look at what Ecamm Live has updated that are well-welcomed improvements.Scrolling TickerDSLR Cameras (Nikon, Sony) can be added via USB onlyBlur for Image Back DropsAdded Palm Tree Green Screen BackdropsArrow Keys on PDF Doc to move throu...

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Ecamm Live and Zoom: Audio

If you want to get your Ecamm Audio into Zoom meeting or webinar you will have to have some sort of virtual audio driver. Ecamm Pro is also needed for this as we are using the Audio Output feature. Link: https://github.com/ExistentialAudio/BlackHol...

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